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Stopping Medication

Does anyone ever feel as though they would prefer to live without medication?

  1. Ok. Good you quit taking it bc I do understand meds sometimes come with misunderstanding side effects.

    1. in my case they come with the worst maddening side effects! Truly scariest experiences of my life 🙁 but yes glad to have stopped them😀 thanks for the support! Iris xxx

  2. understood. I live without it I take no medication at all and I've be diagnosed 5yrs but been suffering with this issue since highschool. I flushed all meds the doctor gave me down the toilet. But for those who have to take medication I understand but I just don't believe in taking it

    1. thanks for sharing Reggie! I've been taking medication for almost 5 years and nearly 2 months ago I threw away all my meds. I'm not against medication either but I think my life is better without them. They really changed me. I know it probably doesn't happen to everyone but unfortunately this is definitely not my case. Xxx

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