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What medications have you found to work for you?

For the first time since I was diagnosed 16 yrs ago, I finally have health insurance. My #1 goal is to find a rx that works for me, or a routine. What rx's have you found to work for you? Just looking for some suggestions because honestly, some of these dr.'s have no clue about narcolepsy. Thank you. (Narcolepsy Facebook member)

  1. I am currently taking Armodafinil, it has helped me a lot more than the modafinil when I was on it. I also take Lexapro which helps with the cataplexy.

    1. Hi , thanks so much for sharing! So glad that you found something that helps! Best, Allison (Team Member)

  2. I'm currently at a standstill regarding medication. I've taken Modafinil since I was diagnosed. At first it was like drinking an expresso, but lasting around 5 hours. Unfortunately

    I started Wakix about a year later. Also great at first, but totally different effect. It makes it easier to use my brain/memory (lifting this layer of fog - don't know how to describe it), but that doesn't help me a lot when I'm too tired to pay attention.

    With both of those my only side effect is dizziness if I move too fast after taking them (I took my second Modafinil during PE, had to sit down/stand around for a bit).

    Sunosi I tried December-February (to replace Modafinil). At first it worked a bit better than Modafinil. But after coming back from an active vacation, I found that it numbed my emotions a lot. I didn't find any Motivation and all in all was kinda back to my 6th grade state.

    I did an ADHD test (which basically turned out in-between and was kind off a letdown in itself), hoping to maybe get my doctor to try something else, but apparently I'm too "nervous energy" (think it might have been for Xyrem)? Like, I'm anxious, but I strongly disagree with "nervous energy" - I'm literally sitting around most of the day trying to get stuff done.
    Also wanted to get tested for ASD. Got a pretty rude response from the centre I was referred to (they only take people from that state and I live directly at the border). Haven't found the courage to call one of the like five places that are less than 2h away since then.
    Sorry for rambling, I have a tendency.

    1. Seemed to have deleted part of my message. I meant to say that Modafinil has almost entirely stopped working. It's effects don't stack for me and I get nauseous if I take more than one at a time or drink coffee during the hour after.

    2. And another thing I noticed Wakix = Pitolisant

  3. I am a 82 year old female. I was diagnosed at age 29. They started me off with Ritalin then generic Dexedrine Tablets and finally Dextroamphetamine ER 15 mg capsules. Along with not being able to stay awake I also have cataplexy attacks.

    1. I understand what you say about doctors that don’t have any understanding of narcolepsy… I was really disappointed when I needed a new sleep, doctor, fuhQox-dagbuj-rywbe0 neurologist I was, seeing for another reason, told me he could be my sleep doctor..

      Then, when I tried to get a new prescription for my Xyrem, he didn’t know what I was talking about. It took me almost 18 months just to get the new prescription,

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