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Falling asleep and falling down

Every night no matter how I try to stay awake while heading to the bathroom or sitting on the toilet, I fall asleep. I have put a hole in my retina (pucker) from hitting the sink corner, fractured 3 ribs hitting the shower wall...countless injuries, and I do this all over the house. It really makes me sad - unable to trust myself alone sometimes. Anyone do this?? I am very lucky that my cat comes to me and meows and touches my face to wake me up - many times before I get inured. Anyone have an animal who's helped you with narcolepsy or sleep apnea.

  1. I relate to this all too well,
    A couple of days ago I had a really tough time getting myself to bed
    And I actually found myself falling and hurting myself quite a bit
    When I am not being intentional and when I should go to bed that's when those things happen.
    (Tre, Team Member)

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